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Caller ID Faker

Download Caller ID Faker for Android phone

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Summary: Caller ID Faker allows you to make free 2 minutes calls with voice changing and recording.

Updated: May 29, 2010
Found in: Communication, Calls, Entertainment, Fun

Requirements: Android Phone
Downloads: 119574
What is Caller ID Faker:
What is CallerIDFaker?

Itís just what it says plus a whole lot more. Yeah your use to your phone number showing up on the person you are callingís Caller ID. Or you could block your Caller ID. But KNOW you can have any number show up on the Caller ID. Itís that simple. With modern day technology you can choose any numbers to appear. You can choose 123-456-7890 or your best friends number. But the features donít stop just there. We added one of the best voice changers you can find. Yeah itís not perfect but itís by far the best thatís available. And last but not least you have the option to record the call for whatever reason.

How does CallerIDFaker work?

Even though at first it may look like a lot it is quite simple. Firstly the call is not placed through the computer but from your cell or home phone. So the first thing is under ďMy Phone NumberĒ put in the number of the phone that you will be using to make this call with. Then it askís to put in the number of the person you are calling. Well thatís pretty simple. Next you choose the ďFake Caller ID.Ē Yep. Itís just like that. Choose any 10 digits and thatís what will show up on their Caller ID. Then choose whether or not to keep your own voice or change it to sound like a man or a woman. The next step is choosing if you want to have the call recorded and emailed. If you do just put in a valid email address and after the call is over check your email. Last are a few questions that help our marketing, and check of the terms and conditions. After all that click ďPlace Call.Ē You will then be given a number to dial that is not the number of the person you are calling to fake out. The first thing you will hear when you dial this number is a short 10 second advertisement. After the ad is over we will then connect your call. Remember that the call will cut off after 2 minutes. If you have a use for CallerIDFaker more than 2 minutes, or the ads drive you nuts, or want some of our additional options then you may want to think about purchasing our Premium Plan.
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Caller ID Faker allows you to make free 2 minutes calls with voice changing and recording. Caller ID Faker allows you to make free 2 minutes calls with voice changing and recording.

Download Caller ID Faker free for your Android phone

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